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Looking for clothes that are made with care for the future?
We’ve got your back (and belly). From pregnancy, through nursing and beyond.

Easy access

Easy access

Nurse in comfort at any occasion and any time of the day.
Gift guide for nursing moms >


A best friend

BFF sweatshirt, with plenty of room for you and your personality.
Gift guide for newly pregnant moms >

Ultimate comfort

Ultimate comfort

The styles that make you go: Ah!
Gift guide for mid-pregnancy >

Extra support

Extra support

For when you need it the most.
Gift guide for post-pregnancy >

Inspire and get inspired by other moms through the #BoobCollective


Our sustainability work

When you buy a garment from Boob, you buy a product that has been produced with care.
Some of this you can see and feel for yourself, when you wear our clothes; the high quality is there at every stage, including design, function and choice of materials.
What may be less obvious is the care we show for everything involved in the production; the people and the environment.


Meet the people behind our garments.


Our entire collection is made of sustainable materials.


Kind words

Chari-Tee, the ultimate pep talk and gift that keeps on giving.
Gift guide for new moms >

Long live your clothes

Long live your clothes

Help reduce your environmental footprint.
Learn more here >

Wardrobe guide

What phase are you in?

Newly pregnant? In the middle of pregnancy? Nursing? We've put together this gift guide to help you find just the perfect clothes for the phase you're in right now.
To the gift guide >


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